Speed Program is a 3 month camp, that progresses athletes through our unique blend of plyometrics and strength training. The first sessions will be focused on mastering the building blocks of speed, including: deceleration, running/jumping form, mechanics of running, mobility to enhance speed, and proper lifting techniques. As the camp progresses, athletes will be exposed to high intensity sessions, with short bursts of explosive movements, followed by active recovery, making the ideal equation for speed. Following work on the turf, athletes will enter the weight room, and complete their custom workout manuals. We believe that this unique blend of plyometrics and strength training is the optimal way to gain speed and strength.


 Athletes will meet 3x per week from June 10th - August 30th

  • Day 1: Linear Work

  • Day 2: Lateral Work

  • Day 3: Metabolic Conditioning

 Each summer session includes:

  • 1.5 hours of speed work on our turf, focusing on:

    - Footwork

    - Plyometrics

    - Agility

    - Conditioning

    - Injury Prevention

  • Unlimited access to Mash Performance weight room, with a custom exercise manual 

    fit to your goals

  • Instruction from 3 full-time strength coaches (visit our website to meet the coaches) 


Our staff will assign athletes into groups based on sport(s), athletic ability, age and schedule restrictions

Please follow this link to register for Speed Program

(And watch this hype video to get juiced up)