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Sports Medicine

MASH Performance offers sports medicine services through Premier Sports & Spine. Voted one of the best chiropractors of 2016, Premier offers MASH Performance clients a wide variety of sports medicine services.

At Premier Sports and Spine Center, we understand the importance of determining the cause of our patients’ condition and getting to the root of the problem versus offering only symptomatic relief. At Premier, we pride ourselves on our treatment model, which allows us to take time to listen to patients and to offer extended appointments for all-inclusive treatment.

All of the doctors at Premier have post-doctoral degrees in sports medicine and rehabilitation, which allows them to draw upon a large knowledge base to identify the root cause of the injury, customize treatment to completely resolve the injury, and to create an individualized rehabilitation and strength program that keeps the injury from coming back.  We specialize in co-managing sports injuries with healthcare teams, coordinating high level communication between healthcare providers, coaching staffs, strength and conditioning staffs, and nutrition teams to ensure best outcomes for the athlete. 

The doctors at Premier have had the opportunity to work with athletes of all levels including elite level high school athletes, collegiate athletes, and professional athletes ranging from the MLB, NFL, NHL, X Games, Reebok Games, Olympics along with many other sports.  At Premier, the doctors are patient focused and outcome based, we advocate for our athletes and allow for a safer and faster return to competition for athletes of all levels.  

To schedule at one of our locations, call our central scheduling line at 952-479-0043 or contact us through our website at https://premiersportsandspine.com/contact-us/.