We understand the importance of determining the cause of our patients’ condition and getting to the root of the problem versus offering only symptomatic relief. At Premier Sports and Spine Center, we pride ourselves on our treatment model, which allows us to take time to listen to patients and to offer extended appointments for all-inclusive treatment.


Whether you're an elite athlete wanting more efficient recovery and performance, or you're just starting out on a new health journey, let our state of the art Cryotherapy and NormaTec compression speed your recovery, boost your performance, or restore and rejuvenate you body.


One of the premier junior college programs in the country. In partnership with Premier Sport & Spine, we deliver NIACC a comprehensive assessment and movement screening. This allows our staff to understand individual strengths and weaknesses and provide complete off-season and in-season training programs for all 35 players on the roster. This has significantly improved their athletic performance and health on the field.

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A perennial power and one of the most storied high school hockey programs in the country. Hill-Murray hockey has relied on MASH Performance since 2012 to perform in-season training and summer STP programming. The Pioneers are the gold standard for prep hockey because of their commitment to providing development programs for their athletes.