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Nate Stemper, USAW

The passionate educator you see engaged with a group during their warm up routine or encouraging an athlete to finish a conditioning circuit hard is that of MASH Performance Director, Nate Stemper. Stemper has earned his stripes, building hundreds of relationships with athletes that will last a lifetime. His care, devotion and responsibility to the athletic and human advancement of everyone he encounters is infectious.

A bedrock of the training floor and the mind behind all athlete development, Stemper has been part of the MASH team since late 2012 after spending a number of years at Acceleration MN. A BS in Human Performance from UW-Eau Claire and a USAW certified coach with a dozen years of real life experience. There is no better leader and provider of development.

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Jake Schmitz

A leader by example and a consistent presence on the training floor, Jake Schmitz has a unique ability to relate to all athletes. A polished technical coach and avid bodybuilder himself, Schmitz is extremely creative and understands how to get the most out of an athlete’s abilities.

Schmitz has helped establish MASH Performance as the go-to place to receive top end personal training at a small group training rate.