Values Equal Habits - Creating A Morning Ritual

The Community Fitness Initiative was established to provide resources and weekly activities to improve your health and wellness. There are no seminars or daily workouts. You can participate on your own time and in your own way. This is an exploratory initiative for individuals to create awareness and positivity as we sprint into 2017! That said, we think this is a great way to strengthen relationships and participate with one another - your spouse, your children, your parents, your friends.  

We have tons of great information to share over the next six weeks and hope you enjoy it all. For our first week, we have chosen to highlight habits and how they impact your daily life. With New Year's Resolutions beginning, it is important to understand how these new habits are influenced.  To help us understand habits better, we have enlisted one of our coaches, Harvey Martin, to discuss the importance of habits in your life. 


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit" - Aristotle.

Happy New Year everyone!  My name is Harvey Martin. I'm the Pitching Coordinator at MASH.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to discuss habits and values with the entire MASH community. I am very passionate about creating a culture both personally and within a community like MASH. I believe this process begins by creating solid values that relate to positive and consistent habits.  

Ultimately, our habits are what shape us.  We can create very simple strategies to execute the habits you need to reach your outcome (goals).  And with the New Year, there is no better time than now to focus on yourself!

One of the favorite goals I hear as the Pitching Coordinator at MASH is "I want to throw harder." There is no problem with this goal. I have never met a baseball player that doesn't want to throw harder.  But, is there a specific intent for this goal?  So I ask,  “If you throw one mile an hour harder, are you content with the rest of your baseball career?”  The answer to that is most likely no.  

As humans, we are motivated by progress.  We need to see results. At MASH, this is what we call “the PROCESS”.  What is the daily, weekly, yearly process you are going to create to gain velocity? Will velocity give you a scholarship, helping your family?  Will velocity take you to the next level?  

These questions help “Define Your WHY?” They validate your goals, your values  and ultimately, your habits. “Defining Your WHY” adds powerful emotion to the process of achieving your outcome.

Relating to health and wellness, a common goal is "I want to lose weight."  Again, the desire behind the statement is there.  But let’s define the WHY? Are you a parent who wants to set an example for your children?  Are you losing weight to create a healthy way of living?  Does a medical condition drive your need for weight loss?  Answering these questions creates accountability to yourself and other people. They create VALUE…. HABITS! 

How you do anything is how you do everything.

Is the result really what we are after, or is it the pursuit of the result that matters? Why is it so important to believe in the habits you are creating? Habits are extremely hard to create and also extremely hard to break.  It is therefore within the discipline of creating habits that we learn… and grow into the person we desire to be.  How you do anything is how you do everything.  We are creating values we emotionally believe in and know will create habits that shape our lives!!

Outcomes over Actions 

So, all this sounds really great Harvey, but where do I start? If habits are so hard to create and break, how do I change them? Remember, an outcome/result/goal is exponentially more powerful with emotion behind it! The emotion comes from a strong sense of personal value and purpose.   

At MASH, we value creating a positive environment, positive experience and positive growth for our community every day. This fall, we created a Leadership Group comprised of athletes from multiple backgrounds. The purpose of the Leadership Group is to raise the standard of all members at MASH. The Leadership Group aligns with everything MASH is about and is an outcome of our habits and values.

When we have this alignment, we no longer have to focus on a daily “to-do list” that never gets done.  Instead, the actions we take align with the result we aim to achieve.  By focusing on outcomes over actions (throw harder, lose weight), we are able to grow in beautiful ways!

So, as we endeavor into 2017, we begin by re-defining our values with a 5-Day Morning Ritual Activity:

 Morning Ritual

Every morning take 5-10 minute to answer or write down the following:

·      What are my values?

·      How do I describe myself?

·      WHO can I help today?

·      HOW can I support today?

·      WHERE is my intention?

·      WHAT am I grateful for?

As extra credit, and to gain even more momentum with your values, practice the mirror test every night before bed. While brushing you teeth or washing your face, ask yourself if what you followed your values and moved closer to your outcome.

As you embark, think of how your values create a positive environment and experience and how they can help you grow!  To make these more powerful and real, participate in the Morning Ritual with your family, your kids, your brothers, your sisters, your parents, your close friends.

I am extremely grateful MASH entrusted my ability to passionately communicate the impact values and habits have on all our lives. We are here to support you and support each other. In fact, our coaching staff is also participating in the Morning Ritual. We are excited to see where the process takes us individually and as a collective! Happy New Year!

 One Love,

Coach Mart