Be Your Own Hero Series

Be Your Own Hero Series: Matt Preston

This week’s performance spotlight shines on south suburban hockey player, Matt Preston. After initially being a little shy, Matt has begun to grow into a strong hockey player but also a non-vocal leader in our weight room. Whether it is battling through a tough offseason workout, or continuing to maintain during the offseason, Matt is a staple in the Mash Performance weight room. Although he would never boast about himself, today, MASH Performance is going to do it for him!


M. Performance: Where are you from?

Matt Preston: Lakeville


M. Performance: Where is your hometown/birthplace?

Matt Preston: Edina, MN


M. Performance: Any brothers/sisters?

Matt Preston: 1 sister and 1 brother


M. Performance: What sports do you participate in?

Matt Preston: Hockey


M. Performance: What activities do you enjoy outside of your sport/s?

Matt Preston: Working out, hanging with friends


M. Performance: Favorite movie?

Matt Preston: Can’t pick just one


M. Performance: Why do you train at MASH?

Matt Preston: To get stronger in order to perform better at my sport.


M. Performance: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

Matt Preston: I am a twin.


M. Performance: Biggest Pet Peeve?

Matt Preston: None


M. Performance: Favorite show on Netflix?

Matt Preston: The office


M. Performance: Favorite social media app?

Matt Preston: Twitter


M. Performance: Gameday rituals/superstitions?

Matt Preston: None


M. Performance: Least favorite Nate Stemper (Head Strength Coach) exercise?

Matt Preston: 1000m Row


M. Performance: Favorite memory of MASH?

Matt Preston: Meeting MASH Strength/Baseball Coach, Kyle Comer


M. Performance: Years at MASH?

Matt Preston: 2 years


M. Performance: Who is your biggest role model?

Matt Preston: My Dad


M. Performance: What is one thing you never leave home without?

Matt Preston: My phone and wallet


M. Performance: What is your favorite book?

Matt Preston: The Hunger Games


M. Performance: What would you sing at Karaoke night?

Matt Preston: Livin’ on a Prayer


M. Performance: Anything else you would like to add/want people to know?

Matt Preston: I don’t think so


Thank you Matt for giving us your time! If there are any further questions/comments, please post below!