#BeYourOwnHero Series: Erin Young

Erin halfway through the New York City Marathon. 

Erin halfway through the New York City Marathon. 

Performance Spotlight Q & A

This week’s spotlight is on Erin Young, an adult fitness member of MASH Performance. Having been with MASH since Day 1, she has seen the progress of both MASH and her personal fitness levels. Erin’s consistency and positive attitude have made for an exciting and welcoming atmosphere every time she is in the gym. We have been fortunate enough to know Erin for years, now it is your turn!


MP: Where are you from?

EY: I grew up in Rosemount and have lived in Lakeville for 23 years


MP: Where is your hometown/birthplace?

EY: Alexandria, MN


MP: Any brother/sisters (kids)?

EY: I have 6 brothers, 1 Sister and 3 kids


MP: What sports do you/did you participate in?

EY: Running and biking


MP: What are your hobbies?

EY: I love reading and writing.  I am always up for a challenging hike.  Paddle boarding or anything with water.  Basically if I am outside I am happy!


MP: Favorite movie?

EY: Big Fish


MP: Why do you train at MASH?

EY: To keep myself young and capable of doing all of the things that I enjoy in life like biking and running.  I refuse to let a number (age) get in my way.  I also enjoy my friendships at Mash and the support that I have received in more ways than workouts!


MP: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

EY: I love cooking gourmet food and I am really good at it.


MP: Biggest Pet Peeve?

EY: Mean people


MP: Favorite show on Netflix?

EY: I don’t typically watch TV.  Shameless is pretty entertaining!


MP: Favorite social media app? (Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram, etc)

EY: SnapChat!  I have a few streaks nearing 200.  Pretty impressive for a mom!


MP: Gameday Rituals/ Any Superstitions

EY: The night before a marathon I always have a couple of beers in hopes that it will make me sleep.  It never works!


MP: Least favorite Nate Stemper exercise?

EY: When the group pushes the sled around the turf and we have to lap the sled, I don’t know the name of the exercise but it’s awful!


MP: Favorite memory of MASH (Performance or baseball)

EY: Walking through the new facility for the first time and knowing all of the hard work that went into getting there, feeling so proud of everyone for making MASH happen.  I also remember when Tom told me Nate was coming to MASH.  I was so excited because the kids love Nate and his influence on them is priceless!  Turns out he is pretty great for the adults too!


MP: Years at MASH?

EY: I have been with MASH from day 1. I have been working with Tom for 6+ years!


MP; Who is your biggest role model?

EY: Jeff (Spouse) He is fair, kind, smart and always has the best advice! 


MP: What is one thing you never leave home without?

EY: My dog (if she is allowed to go)


MP: What is your favorite book?

EY: A Man Called Ove and Wild.


MP: What would you sing at Karaoke night?

EY: The house that built me (Miranda Lambert) or anything Kenney Chesney.


MP: Anything else you would like to add/want people to know?

EY: Don’t wish time away.  Enjoy the time you have and enjoy the people you have the time with!


Thank you Erin for your time! If anyone has any questions or comments, please take a second to comment below! 

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