#BeYourOwnHero Series: Morgan Keirstead

Be Your Own Hero Series


This series is all about getting to know the clients that make MASH Performance so special. We are excited to launch this new series with Morgan Keirstead from Burnsville, MN. Morgan has been with us for a short time, although it did not take long to recognize her hard work and determination. 

Performance Spotlight Q & A


MP: Where is your hometown/birthplace?

MK: Burnsville, MN


MP: Any brother/sisters (kids)?

MK: Older sister, Hannah Keirstead,  Younger brother, Eli


MP: What sports do you participate in?

MK: Soccer


MP: What activities do you enjoy outside of your sports? (Adults: What are your hobbies?)

MK: Cooking, eating, hanging with friends, and traveling


MP: Favorite movie?

MK: “Me Before You”


MP: Why do you train at MASH?

MK: To get stronger and be college ready! Also to hangout with me and 20 other guys.


MP: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

MK: I have no family (besides my intermediate family) living in Minnesota.


MP: Biggest Pet Peeve?

MK: When people chew with their mouth open.. I can’t sit at the dinner table with my family on my cranky nights.


MP: Favorite show on Netflix?

MK: Gossip girl, Friday Night Lights, Gilmore girls, Vampire Diaries


MP: Favorite social media app? (Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook, Instagram, etc)

MK: Instagram


MP: Gameday Rituals/Superstitions

MK: I have to eat a very good breakfast the day of a game


MP: Least favorite Nate Stemper exercise?

MK: Pull-ups


MP: Favorite memory of MASH (Performance or baseball)

MK: Watching a kid lift 600 pounds and realizing my 40 pound weight isn’t so heavy anymore


MP: Time at MASH?

MK: Around 2 months


MP; Who is your biggest role model?

MK: My sister, Hannah


MP: What is one thing you never leave home without?

MK: My phone


MP: What is your favorite book?

MK: The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen


MP: What would you sing at Karaoke night?

MK: I wouldn’t and you should thank me for that

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